10/17/2017- Long-Term Nursing Care Planning Seminar

12 Sep
  • October 17, 2017
    9:30 am - 11:00 am

For most people, the real threat to your estate and loved ones today is no longer probate or estate taxes — it’s Long-Term Nursing Care! Statistics tell us there’s more than a 50% chance you will need long-term care someday and the incredibly huge cost may wipe out your home equity, bank accounts, IRA’s and other investments.

You worked a lifetime for what you have. Come and spend just 90 minutes with us to find out:

  • How to protect assets, even if someone is already in failing health or in a nursing home
  • Why a Living trust is not enough
  • The pitfalls of instead placing your assets in your children’s names
  • Top myths about the available government benefit known as “Medi-Cal”
  • Alternative ways to pay for nursing home care, other than Medi-Cal



990 W. 190th St., Suite 500, Torrance, California, 90502, Unknown